Distribution & Fulfillment for the Apparel Industry

As the apparel market shifts, your transportation strategy and modes should adjust as well. We can help you evaluate your options, make the best decision for your business, and analyze the results for continuous improvement.Distribution & Fulfillment for the Apparel Industry

Why use Full Circle Logistics for your Apparel Distribution & Fulfillment:

Streamline Inventory

The apparel industry presents the problem of a high volume of SKU’s (stock-keeping units). To keep track of these SKU’s and stock counts, you need the correct technology. Full Circle Logistics has the right strategies in place to accurately manage all your inventory for your retail business. 

In addition, we understand that SKU’s change frequently in the apparel industry, so with our proper SKU management systems, we can help you avoid excess aged inventory. 

 Improved Customer Experience

The customer experience builds customer loyalty and is an integral part of driving growth for your brand. Customers expect fast shipping and their order to be accurate. Allow us to assist you to be the retail store your customers keep coming back to. 

Fast Shipping Rates

Using a fulfillment center close to your customers allows us to get the product to their doorstep quickly and for less money. To compete with the expectation of free two-day delivery of competitors, there are measures we can take to keep the customer experience in regard to shipping as positive as possible. 


Warehouse dropshipping allows you to store your product at a third-party distribution center, so when your customer places their order, we take care of the product processing, product packaging, and efficient distribution to the product’s final destination.

If dropshipping from another country doesn’t fall in line with your business model, there’s another way. Full Circle Logistics is a Midwest fulfillment center that can assist you with dropshipping. Apparel order fulfillment is something we specialize in. We offer low-cost warehouse facilities for your apparel company. Let us hold and distribute your product while you continue to build your brand. When searching for the perfect dropshipping suppliers, look no further than Full Circle Logistics

Ability to Scale

The staff, technology, and space resources we have to offer allow you to scale faster than if you manage your own distribution and fulfillment. In addition, you pay for the services you use. This allows you to better manage costs. When order quantities fluctuate, such as through the holidays and economic changes, you don’t have to worry about accounting for overhead costs. 

Whatever mode or strategy you choose, know that optimizing logistics across the country is a top priority for us. After all, customer service can make or break your relationship with consumers.

Trust Full Circle's logistics experience and expertise to handle your distribution and fulfillment needs for the Apparel Industry. We're confident that we will be able to help you and your business. Call us today to speak with a Full Circle representative or fill out our contact form.