What Products Can Full Circle Help Handle?

Our Midwest facilities are customized to meet all the long or short-term storage and distribution requirements of our clients. Our facilities include food-grade and foreign trade zone capability. Our professional management team is highly experienced in warehousing & distribution logistics and currently handles a wide variety of products for several hundred manufacturers, distributors, and retailers including some Fortune 500 companies.

Stack of Products in Full Circle Warehouse Shrink Wrapped Pallet of Products at Full Circle Warehouse

Our product handling capabilities include:

  • Consumer Merchandise—We store a wide array of consumer merchandise for our vast clientele. From storage to distribution, whatever product you’re looking to have properly managed, Full Circle Logistics can assist.
  • Food and Grocery—At Full Circle Logistics, we understand that handling food and grocery is unlike any other product. Food storage is governed by its expiry dates, and unlike other products, food can’t be used past that expiry date. We also understand that food has temperature restrictions for storage and the supply chain for this product needs to be managed in a timely manner. When it comes to food delivery, we have the tools to get the food to your consumer on the proper timeline and with the proper temperature. 
  • Retail Products—Full Circle Logistics stores a wide range of retail products. Whatever product you’re looking to have managed, we can take care of it for you. From storage to distribution, we can cover it all. 
  • Lumber and Drywall—Full Circle Logistics has the expertise to store your building materials, including lumber and drywall. We ensure that your building materials are stored safely and correctly. We also understand that when your client has a project, they need their supplies delivered efficiently and accurately. No matter the project, we will properly deliver the supplies.
  • Roll Paper—For the publishing industry and beyond, Full Circle Logistics has your solution to storing roll paper efficiently. We will ensure that whenever your consumer needs paper, we will have it delivered.
  • Steel Coils, Sheets & Bar Stock—Storing steel coils, sheets, and bar stock can be a challenge for many companies. Luckily, Full Circle Logistics is an expert in this field. We know how to safely and properly store your steel.
  • Medical Supplies—Your company may be looking to outsource the storage of medical supplies. Full Circle Logistics can safely and reliably store the medical supplies for your company. Times are changing in the healthcare industry, and we’re here to support your company with storing, handling, and delivering your medical equipment.
  • Industrial Products—Full Circle Logistics can offer storage and delivery solution for all your industrial products. We will help you plan and execute the most efficient storage system to save you money.