Full Circle Logistics clients make no capital investment and are provided with the ability to flex up and down regarding space, labor, and equipment. Some additional value-added services we're proud to offer our clients include:

FDA Compliance

Partnering with a third-party logistics company like Full Circle Logistics will keep your company compliant with all FDA regulations to ensure your products are delivered safely to your consumer. The FDA regulates industries related to products we consume and apply. Those products include:

  • Most Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicine
  • Animal Drugs
  • Medical Devices
  • Electronics that emit regulation

The FDA enforces how these products are stored and consumed to ensure the safety of the consumer. At Full Circle Logistics, we comply with all FDA regulations to ensure your products are safely handled, from the day they come into the facility to the day they reach their final destination.

EDI and Bar Coding

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an exchange of electronic data between computers in separate organizations. EDI uses sequential communication with formatted data. Because this data is transferred from computer to computer, there is no need for human intervention.

Bar coding encodes text in a way that can be read easily and affordably. The code is parallel lines that are different widths and spaced differently to make a code. These bars represent the letters and numbers of the product that the bar code is attached to.

Bar coding is used in a wide variety of industries for inventory management from retail to automotive. The two main types of barcodes we use are product barcodes and shipping barcodes. Some ways that Full Circle Logistics uses barcoding include:

  • Tracking postage
  • Inventory management
  • Processing returns

EDI and bar coding play an important role in keeping our costs as low as possible for our clients by optimizing our inventory management systems. 

Freight Consolidation

Freight consolidation is a strategy where Full Circle Logistics will consolidate multiple shipments that are in a similar geographic location into one full truckload. The shipment will make its way to another transfer point, then will be broken down into smaller shipments to their specific delivery locations. You may also hear freight consolidation called assembly service, cargo consolidation, or consolidation service. 

Because the shipments are combined into the usage of fewer vehicles, your company can take advantage of bulk shipping rates. If you often send smaller shipments, freight consolidation could be an excellent money-saving option. 

If you are currently shipping less than a truckload of goods at once, freight consolidation is an excellent option. Instead of paying for an entire truck, which likely has empty space, you only need to pay for the truck space you're using.

Other benefits of freight consolidation include:

  • Reduced risk of product damage
  • Increase tracking information
  • Reduced freight costs


Cross-docking leans out the supply chain by removing the inventory storage piece. Product is taken from the first vehicle, sorted, then loaded up onto the next outbound vehicle. The product never needs to be stored, which saves time and money.

Full Circle Logistics manages the coordination of cross-docking so your business can reap the benefits!

Just-In-Time Product Delivery

Just-in-time product delivery is when goods or materials are produced and delivered when they are:

  • needed for sale
  • increase safety
  • needed for use to assemble a good
  • needed as a material to be made into a part

Because your company is not storing inventory and only holding what you need, just in time delivery can increase profits. However, because Just-In-Time delivery requires coordination of shipments from varying destinations, without the proper company managing your JIT delivery, it can easily get lost or miss the scheduled delivery. Full Circle Logistics will ensure the products you require JIT delivery for are managed effectively. 

Custom Designed Packaging Services

At Full Circle Logistics, we know that every industry has different requirements for its packaging. The automotive industry has tiny parts to ship out effectively, while the health industry has temperature-controlled packages to manage. No matter what your industry needs, we can provide the proper packaging services.

We have a sister company with over 30 years of experience serving the packaging industry. Click to learn more about New Age Packaging.

Experienced in Handling a Wide Variety of Products

Full Circle Logistics serves a variety of industries, including:

This means we see thousands of different products rotating through our warehouse every day. Full Circle Logistics knows how to handle each product most cost-effectively and safely. 

Other value-added services Full Circle offers include: 

  •  Order Fulfillment
  •  Container Unloads + Storage
  •  User-Friendly Online Inventory Information System
  •  24/7 Secured Web Site to Monitor Inventory Movement
  •  Highly Experienced Logistics Team of Professionals

Value-Added Services with Full Circle Logistics