Orange Shelves in Warehouse Fulfillment Center

Full Circle Logistics (FCL) is a third-party (3PL) contract warehousing & distribution company with low-cost warehouse facilities that are strategically located and secured. We have the tools you need to help your business thrive. Whether you need our services for total E-Commerce solutions, retail management, or simply to store your products, we have you covered. We are a full-service company and we are here to help yours.

Midwest Distribution & Fulfillment Services

Some companies simply require business-to-business shipping while many need to ship directly to their customers. As a third-party logistics provider, we are set up to help you engage with your customer through a seamless and simple fulfillment process. We also offer drop shipping services. 

You’re proud of your company, and you know your product is one your customers will want. But how do you get it to them?  When looking for a distribution center for your business, what are some important considerations? Perhaps you haven’t thought of all the things required to make the experience smooth and seamless. That’s where the Full Circle Logistics team comes in.

Northern Ohio Location

Is warehouse location something you’ve considered? Getting your products to your customers quickly is pivotal to customer retention. Some studies show that nearly 70% of customers will make the decision to purchase a product based on speedy shipping.

Our centrally-located Ohio warehouses ship quickly nationwide, and with vendor distribution programs, sanitation control, and order fulfillment available, you can be sure your products are being shipped out safely and accurately.

If your company is looking for warehousing for rent in the midwest, look no further than Full Circle Logistics. 


You’ve worked hard manufacturing your products and want to keep them safe so they can get to your customers. A secured warehouse is something you can expect when working with Full Circle. 


Saving money while not compromising on warehouse location or security? That’s something else you can expect with Full Circle Logistics. When you're looking for warehouse space for rent without compromising on your budget, we can help. 

You might also be looking to start or move your dropshipping website fulfillment to the United States. Look no further than Full Circle Logistics as your American drop shipper, located in the midwest. 

Our complete e-commerce solutions allow you to focus on growing your business.




We service companies across a wide variety of industries. Here are the industries we serve: 

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